Confused or mad about being contacted by a collection agency?

You're not alone!
Helping Merchants Resolve Chargeback Balances

That's been our business for over 25 years!

You're a business who accepts credit cards for payment. You sold your product or service, and you received a credit card or electronic check for payment. You, or your online site, processed the transaction and received an authorization. Everything seemed fine...that is until you learned the transaction was made with a fraudulent card or your customer disputed the transaction with their bank. Now your processor wants you to pay the money back. Sound familiar?

"This isn't right!" "It's not fair!" "I did everything I was supposed to do!" You're probably right on all those points. But, do you still owe the money? Unfortunately, yes. 

Most businesses that accept electronic payments had no idea this could possibly happen to them. Rest assured, you are not alone. Our representatives understand what's happened to you. We talk with business owners that are in your same situation all day, every day. When we say, "We've heard it all", we mean it. 

The vast majority of this agency's business revolves around transaction processing and we've been working with credit card processors and their merchants for over 25 years. We know the ins and outs of electronic transactions, we know the card company rules and we know your contract (yes, you have a contract). The card company rules are specific on chargebacks, and your contract is specific on liability when you or your business receive a chargeback.

Fortunately, your account has been assigned to CRG. Any of our representatives can help you make sense of this situation. Don't just ignore this. Call or email us for alternatives. We are here to help!