You can rest easy knowing that you've partnered with Consolidated Recovery Group.  We work on a contingency fee basis; the rate being established with each client based on dollar amount, type of paper and volume.  You will never pay an up-front fee when placing your accounts with us.  Working on contingency means:  If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.

In these tough economic times, most businesses have suffered financially. It is imperative that you partner with a company that works with the companies and guarantors to get your accounts paid.  Our staff are skilled and experienced professionals who will quickly assess your customer's financial situation and suggest ways to get your debt!

You will never have to worry that your customers are being harassed or otherwise mistreated.  Although our business is primarily focused on commercial paper, our collectors are well versed in the FDCPA and, as applicable, comply with the provisions of that law.

We employ the latest and best online skip tracing tools so most debtors are never far from reach.  We are also members of Experian, TransUnion and CBC/Innovis, and report our personally guaranteed commercial accounts each month.

On occasion it becomes necessary to litigate a debt.  Before any action takes place, you are always in driver's seat.  Our Collection Manager will discuss the alternatives and advance our opinion for successful recovery. Once you approve that course of action, our staff attorney will take it from there.  He is well versed in debt collection litigation and, as an active member of the CA State Bar, is able to litigate cases anywhere in California.  Have a debtor that resides out of state?  No problem.  We have developed partnerships with attorneys across the United States. 

A lot of things have changed in the 25 years since Consolidated Recovery Group was formed.  One thing hasn't changed: You can trust and rely on the honesty and integrity of Consolidated Recovery Group.  We believe those qualities never go out of style.  

The Collection Process