Please use this form to submit a payment for your account.  BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM, BE CERTAIN THAT THE AMOUNT YOU ARE AUTHORIZING IS AVAILABLE TODAY. For Check/ACH payments, please verify the routing and account numbers are identical to the numbers printed on your check.  DO NOT USE THE NUMBERS FROM A DEPOSIT SLIP.  If your draft payment is returned by your bank for any reason, you will be assessed your contractual NSF fee.

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By clicking on “Submit” I hereby authorize you to initiate an electronic withdrawal from the above indicated bank account in the amount entered on this page. I understand that if this transaction is submitted after 6:00p Eastern Time, it will have an effective date of no sooner than the next business-banking day and will show as a withdrawal from my account on that date. If I wish to rescind this authorization and cancel this payment, or the amount withdrawn from my account is different than the amount authorized herein, I may call 800-738-9630 between 8:30a and 5:00p Eastern time, Monday-Friday. Furthermore, I assert that I am the owner or an authorized signer of the bank account provided.